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As a $15 billion agricultural giant, Land O’ Lakes includes multiple divisions across various vertical markets. Shared assets that support different divisions and teams demand a flexible, efficient, and scalable program.


- Exhibit Design

- Tradeshow Program


Land O' Lakes

exhibit design

At the IDDBA show, getting attendees to sample and experience products is most exhibitors' main focus.  Land O' Lakes wanted an open floor plan to maximize sampling opportunities for their new products via an optimized traffic flow. Vibrant colors combined with striking food photography attracted the audience from afar, while a deli-style environment engaged customers and encouraged increased dwell times.


for reuse

One year later, we utilized as much of their existing assets and structures as possible, and updated messaging and graphics throughout to make them relevant to Land O' Lake's newest products and solutions. A main attraction in the environment was an oversized sculpture of butter that became a popular and memorable photo activation.