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CASE STUDY: Hyatt | Best Reconfigurable Exhibit

In October of 2018, Hyatt challenged Exhibit Partners to design a new exhibit for their annual trade shows. Hyatt allows us to meet with them annually to share their vision, goals, and plans for the upcoming year(s) and are very candid in what that entails. It is ideal for our clients to be open with us, so we can better understand and meet their needs - and that is exactly what Hyatt does. Their trust and vulnerability with us, truly allows us to collaborate and produce an end result that meets their goals and expectations.

PROBLEM: New booth to accommodate different sizes and functions

The months that followed were filled with numerous meetings to determine what they wanted their exhibit to look like and achieve for them. Hyatt needed an exhibit that would function at all their 12 shows each year, varying from 10x20 to 50x60 spaces. The style of the exhibit was also very important. They were looking for something to stand out on the show floor; the goal was to create a unique, functional, and comfortable space that fostered collaborative meetings, while still emulating a hospitable feeling. They provided us with their goals for their meetings and how they wanted their brand to be displayed throughout their exhibit, and our team got right to work!

SOLUTION: Design with versatile/modular materials and structure

After nine months of meetings, updating designs, and planning with the Hyatt team, their new exhibit was showcased. The Global Business Travel Association show, the largest annual gathering of business travel and meeting management in the world, was where their exhibit was unveiled for the first time in August of 2019. This exhibit was a custom, modular design that used resizable and rebrandable tiles, adjustable heights, a custom hanging sign, and had endless opportunity to incorporate technology. These elements allowed Hyatt to use different pieces to make up their changing booth sizes, provided cost effective ways to rebrand when needed, and allowed for customization by adding or removing technology.

RESULT: An exhibit that met Hyatt’s goals and also reached a larger audience through award recognition

Overall, Hyatt was very happy with the results! The biggest wins for them were the soundproof conference room, the overall flow of the booth, and how many meetings they were able to have during the show. They were able to utilize the booth in all the ways they needed for that specific show, but also were able to take elements and utilize them at the other shows they attend throughout the year. Both parties are pleased that it will remain unique and fresh in the coming years as the industry continues to change and evolve.

To top off the success they had at GBTA, this new exhibit won an incredible award. Exhibitor Magazine recognized Hyatt with the “Best Reconfigurable Exhibit 2019”, which makes the overall success even greater. In the events industry, there are many factors that determine how successful that event or project will be. In our experience, the ultimate key to success is partnership. As a company, we strive to have transparent, collaborative relationships with our clients, and this is something that we have mastered amidst our long standing partnership with Hyatt Hotels.

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